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Evolve Air Conditioning and Heating is your commercial refrigeration expert! As the leading provider of commercial refrigeration repair services, we recognize that maintenance is key to keeping all of your equipment working like new. We offer custom service plans to keep your refrigeration equipment performing as expected.

Evolve Air Conditioning and Heating understands that when your business relies on the performance of your refrigeration equipment, you can’t afford any “down-time”. When you can’t spare the time or lost income from malfunctioning equipment, a commercial maintenance plan is the answer for you! 

We can assess your specific needs for your refrigerators, ice makers, and coolers of all types to customize a maintenance schedule that will keep your equipment performing as you expect it to. In the event of an unforeseen equipment failure, we will prioritize your businesses needs and have you up and running in record time!

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Common Commercial Refrigeration Issues in the Las Vegas, Henderson, and Surrounding Areas

In the bustling world of commercial businesses, refrigeration issues can arise that, if left unchecked, might not only disrupt operations but can also lead to significant financial loss. At Evolve Air Conditioning and Heating, we specialize in commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance, ensuring your systems run smoothly and efficiently. Here are some common refrigeration problems that businesses in the Las Vegas area frequently encounter:

  1. Inconsistent Temperature: One of the most common issues with commercial refrigeration is fluctuating temperatures. This can often be due to faulty thermostats, poor airflow, or overstocking. Consistent temperatures are crucial for preserving the quality and safety of your products.
  2. Icy Build-up: Excessive frost or ice buildup can be a sign of issues with the defrost system or seals on the unit. Not only does this affect your energy efficiency, but it can also put additional strain on your refrigeration unit, leading to potential failures.
  3. Noisy Operation: Unusual noises coming from your refrigeration units can be indicative of mechanical issues, such as problems with the compressors, fans, or motors. Early diagnostics and repair are key to preventing more serious damage.


4. Leaking Water: Water leaks can occur due to blocked drains or failing components. These issues need to be addressed promptly to prevent slip hazards and potential damage to your premises.

5. High Energy Bills: If you notice a sudden spike in your energy bills, it might be due to the inefficiency of your refrigeration equipment. Regular maintenance checks can identify and rectify such issues, helping to keep your operating costs down.

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Evolve Air Conditioning & Heating has the name that fits. They will continue to evolve because of intention. Their intention is to get your system up and running, honestly, and expeditiously. They do it right! The owner and his technicians know what they're doing. We like that they don't 'beat around the bush.' They explain things well and are patient, polite, and clean; but best of all, knowledgeable! Mike actually saved our house from potential disaster when he caught a little gas leak in the attic. It was hissing and smelled of it. They both explain concisely what needs to be done, and we like how Mike tells it like it is and goes over things line by line. They are the people's HVAC Service! Since we're fans of REAL value, Evolve will be our choice every time moving forward. We can't end our praise without mentioning the congeniality of Jill and Jen. Great customer service all around from beginning to end. Keep up the great work and you'll surely continue Evolving....👍😁
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